600 Raids

documentary film (expected 2025, 90 min, AT/SK)
original title: 600 razií


Slovak Roma who suffered police brutality are left without justice nor safety. The film follows four Roma protagonists and observes how the trauma shapes their everyday lives and nightmares.


Slovak Roma, who represent the largest ethnic minority in Slovakia, are most affected by social exclusion and escalating racism in the country. This feature documentary tells the story of their trauma, resulting from police raids, which even years after these brutal incidents, still affects and shapes their present lives. As do the nightmares and images of the violence they suffered.

600 RAIDS enters the life of three to four protagonists showing their desperate longing for a better life. But is this possible in a place where the perpetrators have not been justly punished, still wear a police uniform and enjoy unwavering authority among the white majority population?

Writer, Director: Kristína Leidenfrostová

Producers: Jürgen Karasek, Alice Karasek – Soleil Film (AT), Matej Sotník – guča films (SK)