documentary film (expected 2024, 63 min, SK)
previous title: Rocks (Kamene)


A soft film about hard matter.


A story about the influence of disappearing water on the formation of rocks, and the memory of the director’s grandparents who passed away in the pandemic. Paula Ďurinová’s film blends the emotional and environmental, taking us on a journey through hard matter shaped by grieving processes. Five stages are emerging, sometimes more, but there is no formula, no manual. Memories are not healing because they indicate the past. Functioning both as a landscape study and a deeply personal reckoning, LAPILLI creates a unique perspective full of empathy for minerals and life that is no more.


>> 30th Febiofest Bratislava IFF / Bratislava Industry Days


Paula Ďurinová is a filmmaker, visual artist and writer based in Berlin. She engages in research-based practices and collaborates with various disciplines – film, audiovisual performances, text and photography. In recent years, she worked on film & art projects in Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia and Germany. Her short films were featured at Sarajevo Film Festival, Ji.hlava IDFF or CinéDOC Tbilisi. Since 2021, Paula has worked as artistic director and curator of ACUD Galerie in Berlin. She recently continued her studies at the Universität der Künste Berlin in the Narrative Film Class.

Writer, Director: Paula Ďurinová

Producer: Matej Sotník

Creative producer: Viera Čákanyová

Dramaturgist: Dane Komljen

Editing: Paula Ďurinová, Deniz Şimşek

Sound design: Agnese Menguzzato, Paula Ďurinová

Music: Petra Hermanova

DOP: Paula Ďurinová, Denis Kozerawski

Partner: Universität der Künste Berlin (DE)

Distribution: Film Expanded, DAFilms

With financial support: