fiction film (expected 2024, 30 min, CZ/SK)
original title: Orla


Experimental fairytale explores the relationship between nature and artificial intelligence as one possible way out of a globalised and hierarchical society. It depicts a magical landscape with high-tech elements trying to break free from the domination of a figure driven purely by the need to increase profit.


The plot brings us to a society surrounded and isolated by nature. The people live their lives around the castle, which protects them, but also demonstrates the superiority of those who inhabit it. The main character is Jasna, a 16-year-old girl who has been blessed with the power of critical thinking. This, in turn, logically leads her to clash with authority – the ruler Volk condemns her to a difficult path from which there is no return. Jasna must traverse the dangerous and unfamiliar forest of Galgan, but there she meets its guardian, the majestic creature Eagle. Jasna begins to understand that both the Eagle and the forest are a legacy of the ancestors and a memory of a catastrophe that happened in the distant past. A disaster that is beginning to happen again. How to fortify the tenuous truce with nature and prevent past mistakes from repeating themselves?


>> Karlovy Vary IFF – Creative Pool 2022

Writer, Director: Marie Lukáčová
Dramaturgist: Lukáš Sigmund

Producers: Wanda Kaprálová, Klára Mamojková – CLAW (CZ)
Co-producers: Matej Sotník – guča films (SK), Czech Television (CZ), FAMU (CZ)

Distribution: Film Expanded (SK), DAFilms (VOD, internationally)

With financial support: