documentary film (expected 2024, 40 min, SK)
original title: Kamene


A story of disappearing water and its influence on the formation of rocks while ruminating on the loss of one’s grandparents. A perspective full of empathy for minerals and for life that is no more.


There are five stages emerging, sometimes seven, sometimes more. Their indications may help us navigate, but even if so, it is only a never ending period of mental rupture. Sometimes loving, sometimes scary. The transition from depression to reconciliation sounds like fiction. There is no formula, there are no instructions. Memories are not healing because they indicate the past. The reality of the past. "Rocks" is a film essay on empathy for minerals and a life that no longer exists. Rocks lead us on a journey shaped by mourning processes. A story about the influence of disappearing water on the formation of rocks and a gentle memory of grandparents who were taken over by the pandemic from director Paula Durinová. Combining feeling and landscape, the environmental and the emotional.


>> 30th Febiofest Bratislava IFF / Bratislava Industry Days

Writer, Director: Paula Ďurinová
Dramaturgist: Dane Komljen
DOP: Paula Ďurinová, Denis Kozerawski

Producer: Matej Sotník - guča films (SK)
Partner: Universität der Künste Berlin (DE)

Distribution: Film Expanded (SK), DAFilms (VOD, internationally)

With financial support: