Teachers of Slovakia

documentary series (expected 2024, 7 x 26 min, SK)
original title: Učitelia Slovenska


TV series mapping the state of Slovak education through current and controversial topics that problematize the future direction of our society. The individual parts of the series aim to analyse the phenomena of the failing system and raise the need for reform in an attractive way, through the figure of a particular teacher. With examples of positive practice, we want to show that change for the better is possible. Our aim is to make visible individual teachers, their subjective hopes, but also their failures and the problems they struggle with on a daily basis.

Idea: Lena Kušnieriková
Directors: Ivana Hucíková, Lucia Kašová, Eduard Cicha, Marek Moučka, Barbara Vojtašáková, Peter Podolský, Dominik Jursa
Dramaturgists: Jakub Medvecký, Viera Čákanyová

Producer: Dorota Zacharová – guča films (SK)


With financial support: