If Pigeons Turned to Gold

documentary film (expected 2024, 80 min, CZ/SK)
original title: Keby sa holuby premenili na zlato


If Pigeons Turned to Gold is a documentary film that follows the turning year in the lives of four family members, whose shared past has grown into a present fundamentally at odds. While Pepa, the film’s author and narrator, has ‘order’ in her life, her brother and two cousins David and Marco have taken to the street, where each faces addiction. A balancing act between love and contempt, care and destruction on film that seeks to find whether family saves our life or – on the contrary – destroys it.

Writer, Director: Pepa Lubojacki
Dramaturgist: Lucie Králová, Viera Čákanyová
DOP: Tomáš Šťastný
Sound Design: Adam Matej

Producers: Wanda Kaprálová, Klára Mamojková – CLAW (CZ)
Co-producers: Matej Sotník – guča films (SK), Česká televize (CZ), FAMU (CZ)

Distribution: Film Expanded (SK), DAFilms (VOD, internationally)

With financial support: