White on White

documentary film (2020, 74 min, SK/CZ)
original title: Biela na bielej


Viera Čákanyová kept a video diary while staying at the Polish Antarctic station. In 2017 she shot her celebrated film FREM (2019), whose main character was an artificial neural network, in Antarctica. During her stay, Čákanyováchats with various artificial intelligences, leading conversations that touch on the nature of film, art, and the meaning of life while also revealing a way of thinking, free from humanity and from an overt emotionality that forces deep introspection. Footage from the author’s routine life at the station contrast with lyrical images of the immaculate Antarctic nature, complemented with Čákanyová’s commentary and reflections provoked by the loneliness of the ice-covered landscape.


>> 24th Ji.hlava IDFF  / Opus Bonum: Best film (CZ)
>> 23th One World IHRDFF / Czech Competition: Main Award (CZ)
>> 28th Sheffield DocFest / International Competition (UK)
>> 17th ZagrebDox IDFF / International Competition (HR)
>> 28th Art Film Fest / Slovak Season (SK)
>> 6th Marienbad Film Festival / Forum Marienbad (CZ)
>> 20th DokuFest IDSFF / Green Dox Competition: Winner (XK)
>> 50th Lubuskie Film Summer / Documentary Film Competition (PL)
>> 16th Cinematik IFF / Cinematik.doc competition (SK)
>> 2nd Lima Alterna Festival / Puentes (PE)
>> 34th Finále Plzeň / Dimenze dokumentu (CZ)
>> 4th ELBE DOCK FF / Pavel Koutecký Award – long competition (CZ)
>> 22th One World Slovakia FF / Slovakia and Czech Republic for Human Rights competition (SK)
>> 9th Stockfish Film Festival / Slovakia in focus (IS)


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Writer, Director: Viera Čákanyová
Dramaturgist: Klára Tasovská
DOP: Viera Čákanyová, Dominik Jursa, Tomáš Klein
Editing: Viera Čákanyová, Marek Šulík
Sound: Viera Čákanyová, Tobiáš Potočný

Producer: Viera Čákanyová – guča films (SK)
Co-producer, Sales: Nina Numankadić – Marina films (CZ), nina@dafilms.com
Distribution: Film Expanded (SK), DAFilms (international VOD)

With financial support: